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Shared Links

This article explains what Shared Links are, and how to create and edit them.

What is a Shared Link?

Shared Links provide a way to quickly and easily share your Timescapes Cameras with anyone. Once created, a Shared Link provides a unique web-link that can be shared via email, chat, or even embedded into websites or other applications.

A Shared Link URL will be in the form of https://live.timescapes.co/shared/abc123.... 

Note that anyone who has been sent the link will be able to access it. So be careful who you share it with - unless you wish for your Camera to be viewed publicly.

To get the unique web-link for a Shared Link, click on the ... button on a Shared Link, and select Copy Link. You can then paste the link into your email or chat message.

Creating & Editing Shared Links

  1. To create or edit a Shared Link, first go the the Company Admin or Project Admin area.
  2. Click on the Shared Links tab.
  3. Use the + icon on the top-right corner to create a new Shared Link, or click on the ... button to edit an existing Shared Link.
  4. Select what features should be available to people who access the Shared Link.
  5. If desired, you can restrict how often the Photos update by setting the Image Frequency to Daily or Weekly. You can also set a Delay to ensure that a Photo is always delayed by a few hours before updating.

You can make Shared Links at either Project Level, or Company Level.

Project Shared Links will only have Cameras for that specific project.

For Company Shared Links you can select which Projects it should have, and it will have all the Cameras within those Projects.